Suzanne Hobbs is an award winning Environmental Artist  Events Caterer & Teacher based in North Devon.  Her most famous works are re-inforced concrete sculptures including the 2009 "Bunker" now permanently installed at Broomhill sculpture gardens, which won the 2009 National Sculpture award. Other noteable installations include "Cutlery Ball" (2007) "4 Missed Meals" (2008) and "Supermarket Trolleys" (2009). Her work reflects her response to environmental degradation brought about by human activity, particularly the threat of climate change. Suzanne's passion for the natural environment is the product of 3 decades of working and living on the land, interspersed with long spells at sea. In the early 1990s she sailed across the Pacific with her partner Matt, living aboard the couple's cruising boat with their growing family. Returning to a remote Organic farm in Devon with new inspiration, she threw herself into her art whilst producing and growing food for the farm catering & events business. She developed a passion for food and is an accomplished commercial caterer. Following her recognition as an artist, and when not catering & co-skippering aboard Hecate, she dedicated her time to teaching and passing on her knowledge to the next generation.

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