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Hecate uses Sustainable Energy

Hecate is set up to minimise the Carbon footprint of her operation

This is acheived through a combination of operator behaviour and the utilisation of both new and old technology.

Primarily and fundamentally, Hecate can sail. She can and does sail nearly everywhere. The technology that enables her to do so dates back to the earliest Polynesian navigators who sailed efficiently across the entire Pacific in voyaging canoes! We try to only use the engines  to safely navigate where sailing might present a risk to vessel & crew (fast running tidal entrances, tight harbours etc) or to ensure the vessel is able to get ahead of potentially dangerous situations such as collision,  incoming weather, night entries to dangerous anchorages.

The use of new technology helps us to reduce our energy consumption. Solar and Water charging systems, large battery storage capacity, smart charge regulators and low emmision backup generators are all installed on board with a high tech monitoring and energy management system that enables us to keep fossil fuel consumption to an absolute minimum.


As technology evolves and electrical propulsion systems become ever more accesible,  the simplicity of Wharram modular construction means that Hecate will be easily converted to 100% renewable propulsion. We cant wait!

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