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Hecate is Seaworthy

Seaworthiness is a combination of build quality, design characteristics and the equipment carried. 

An underlying principle of Wharram designs is not to compromise on seaworthiness.

It has become a trend in recent years for Multihull designers to prioritize accommodation space over seakeeping and sailing characteristics. Whilst such designs are good at what they achieve, Wharrams are first and foremost designed to ensure that the crew is able to safely navigate the waters the vessels are built to sail in.

The defining Wharram characteristics of Hecate's design include: Low freeboard. High Length to Beam ratio, deep Vee'd canoe hulls. Flexible beam and rig lashings. High Stability ratio. Wharram Wingsail schooner rig.


These key characteristics mean Hecate is very stable (lifting a hull doesnt happen), very comfortable (its a cushioned ride), easy to handle (single and double handing are no problem for extended short handed cruising/passage-making) and she can be sailed out of trouble if necessary (the ability to sail to windward in storm conditions).

Hecate has been professionally built and meticulously maintained throughout her life. She was coded to exacting Greek commercial certification in 2005 under her commisioning owner, the legendary Greek circumnavigator George Gritsis.  She was taken over by her current owner/operators (see About Us) in 2010 and re-coded under UK MCA certification. Both the Greek and UK MCA certifications are among the highest coding standards in the world. Coding surveys and regular maintenance and updating of all key build, safety and navigational equipment on board are a prerequisite of that regimen.  With seasonal maintenance & refit every year, Hecate has remained in commision and working for her entire career, with an ongoing programme of maintenance and repair to keep her in seaworthy operational condition.

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