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Matt Knight ran away to sea in the 1980s and worked his passage on sailing boats as a deckhand. After crossing the Atlantic on the 33ft engine-less Schooner "Casancani" he spending several years working on Charter Yachts & Tall Ships in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.  Notable experiences included time spent as crew aboard the 202' Schooner "Jessica" (Now "Adix"); an Atlantic crossing as watch leader/mate aboard the 1858 Brig "Maria Asumpta"; delivery to Japan of the 1898 Ketch "Cariad"; and as part of the rebuilding crew on the Alden Ketch "Sirrocco". Gaining his Commercial Yachtmaster qualifications and global professional sailing experience as a 1st mate and skipper he has navigated extensively in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. With his partner Suzanne he owned for 5 years the live-aboard cruising yacht "Noel", exploring some of the most remote islands in the Pacific & Indonesia. The couple subsequently restored the 1932 Hillyard cutter "Windflower", and from their home base in North Devon sailed their young children around the Celtic coastlines of NW France, Cornwall, Devon, Wales and Ireland.  Having learned to surf whilst crewing in the Caribbean in the 1980s Matt has combined his twin passions of exploring under sail and seeking out perfect waves for much of the last 30 years. Since 2010 Matt has owned & operated the Wharram Pahi 52 "Hecate" as a commercial surf charter and expedition boat,  becoming well known for his role supporting big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, exploring the coasts of Ireland, Portugal & Madeira in the search for giant surf. More recently his role as navigator and captain of Ross Edgley's Great British Swim has cemented his place as one of the foremost ocean expedition leaders in the UK.

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